TAHF Offers More Support To Sickle Cell Warriors

… Temitayo Awosika Help Foundation Launches 3 in 1 SCD Support/Awareness Programmes


On February 16, 2024, Sickle Cell Warriors from various Lagos-based Sickle Cell Clubs along with their coordinators turned up at Med-In Specialist Hospital, 1/3 Oshogbo Street, Off Celestial Way, Ogudu-Lagos, to partake in TAHF’s first tranche of humanitarian projects of the year. Every Warrior went back home with a ‘Back-To-School’ package comprising beautifully customized back pack, a mathematical set, several exercise books and a pack of ballpoint pens.

The aim of this empowerment, according to Dr. Sola Adebekun, TAHF’s Executive Secretary, is to lift some of the financial responsibilities of educating their wards off the shoulders of parents. 1500 school bags were distributed free of cost.

From inception, premarital awareness of genotype has been a cardinal vision of TAHF. The organization launched its Know Your Genotype (KYG) programme to underscore its genotype advocacy and sensitization effort. This crucial branch of TAHF advocacy is billed to be carried beyond Lagos to other states in Nigeria, particularly among secondary school students. Machines, reagents and other logistics are being warehoused while personnel for the onerous task of free genotype verification/education for youths nationwide are practically set to hit the ground.

While TAHF’s KYG programme looks to the future, its Free Health Programme (FHP) focuses on the here and now. In August 2023, TAHF procured free health insurance cards for 100 indigent SCWs; this time, the Foundation did 5 times more, with the support of Access Corporation. The cards cater to health and hospitalization emergencies peculiar to SCD.

Named after former medical student Temitayo Awosika (1980 – 1999), TAHF has positively impacted thousands of lives. As the organization approaches the 25th anniversary of his passing, more projects are in the pipeline to touch the lives of Sickle Cell Warriors. Paramount among these is the construction of a dedicated 3-storey hematology clinic within Gbagada General Hospital for the treatment of SCD. By situating the clinic within the ambit of an established and well-equipped public hospital and collaborating with same, patients stand to enjoy multiple benefits such as access to professional and top notch specialist medical and nursing care.

‘TAHF is determined to better the lives of Sickle Cell Warriors and Combat the crises of SCT ignorance’

Dr. Sola Adebekun, DBA

– Dr. Sola Adebekun, Executive Secretary, TAHF

A graduate of the University of Lagos, Dr. Sola Adebekun is an experienced administrator, astute corporate governance executive, chartered human resources professional, hospital management consultant and public health specialist. He joined Med-In Specialist Hospital in 2019 and as TAHF’s Chief Operating Officer, has worked tirelessly to help achieve the objective of brightening the lives of individuals and families facing the sickle cell challenge.

Dr. Adebekun comments on the current health objectives and activities of TAHF:

The Back-to-School Project

‘When parents find a little burden lifted off their shoulders, they are challenged to squarely face the remaining responsibilities. As for the students, when you have a beautiful bag to flaunt to your mates, there’s an added incentive to go to school!’

FHP 500

‘TAHF initiated this so that no Sickle Cell Warrior will avoid accessing comprehensive health services simply because they have no money.’

KYG – Know Your Genotype

‘We discovered that many parents become aware of their genotype not before but after the diagnosis of an offspring with sickle cell, a clear case of the cart pulling the horse!

‘Similarly, the majority of our youths of marriageable age are ignorant of their genotype and its implications. TAHF intends to fight this situation until victory is achieved.’

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