sickle cell warrior rescued from mentally-challenged mum

Diamond in hospital after rescue

Some with sickle cell are born to well-to-do parents, to health professionals, to successful politicians, even to Heads Of State like General Mohammadu Buhari, and Senators like Oluremi Tinubu. What if your parentage is flawed like that of Akeem Anjola Diamond?

Until two years ago, Anjola’s mom tramped the streets of Ibadan with a little stunted sickly-looking child. Sometimes she begged for money from passersby, most of whom ignored her because of her wild looks and unkempt appearance. No one quite knew how she and the hapless little one who followed her around survived during the day or where they bided at night. At night she was fair prey for casual sex by hoodlums and at midnight a foil for ritual sex by politicians seeking power and ‘men of God’ seeking followership, fame and fortune.

Diamond: photo taken 19 August 2020. handsome chap, traumatic childhood

No one knew their relatives. Perhaps the father was one of those mentioned above who would visit atrocities on a defenseless woman under cloak of darkness and swear to heaven they are above such conduct in daytime?

Akeem Anjola Diamond


In time the Juvenile Wing of the Nigeria Police, Iyaganku Command, got wind of the woman’s plight and went to rescue the child. She was reunited with her mum through the efforts of the police. The happy mum promised to get her daughter admitted at a psychiatric institution. The poor child was taken first to a private hospital by the Jesus Children Mission Outreach (JCMO) and later referred to the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. At both medical centres, he was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia.  Later, tests carried out by a Lagos-based SCD Charity, Crimson Bow Initiative, confirmed same. After consent papers were signed, the grandmother released the child to the care of (JCMO).

Jesus Children Mission Outreach (JCMO)

Rosemary Odigbo, Founder/CEO, Jesus Charity Mission Outreach, Ibadan

Mrs. Rosemary Odigbo oversees the day-to-day affairs of a compassionate outreach she founded a few years ago to give succor to the underprivileged. A social worker with a master’s degree and a devoted Christian to boot, she consented to housing and caring for the child at her Bodija, Ibadan orphanage. After all, she already has half a dozen kids similarly affected with sickle cell anaemia as the then 10 year old Diamond.

JCMO Needs Help To Meet Its Obligation To the Children under Its Care:

Please help JCMO any way you can – money, food, household items, office materials, books, clothing or cash. Even words of commendation and encouragement go a long way.

JCMO also runs a school (TENDERLIFT SCHOOLS) with staff emoluments to pay. Most of the children at the school are on scholarship sponsored by JCMO at huge cost.


Acc. No: 1010541138                                         



Acc. Nos: 0029581422


Visit JCMO at #5, LADIPO TEJUMOLA STREET, NEW BODIJA, and Osupa Adini Lane, Oluwo Nla, Basorun, IBADAN.

Telephone Number: +234-8033843762

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