Painkillers Can Harm More Than Help

Research states Paracetamol, Ibruprofen, Panadol and other analgesics for chronic pain can do much more harm than good

It’s a common scene at Sickle Cell Club meetings in Africa and elsewhere. Children and adults are given painkillers of various brands to meet pain head on. Some Clubs are savvy enough to warn againts use outside the incidence of demonstrable pain. Many parents give these medications to forestall pain even in the absence of a complaint of pain. many with sickle cell have painkillers on their person, in case the most dreaded of SCD complications visits …

There’s little or no evidence, however, that these prescriptions do work, new research says. The report frowns upon doctors routinely prescribing pain medications of unproven usefulness for patients.

Medical researchers have always been doubtful of the immediate and long-term benefits of painkillers, Addiction is a real and ongoing nightmare in the case of some opiods.

New draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) urges doctors not to prescribe the drugs to people suffering chronic pain.

So What Should You Do?

You still have to see your doctor! Have a serious conservation about whatever analgesics you are being prescribed. ask for safer alternatives.


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