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World Celebrates International Thalassaemia Day Under Shadow Of Pandemic

The theme for the International Thalassaemia Day 2020 is ‘The dawning of a new era for thalassaemia: Time for a ...
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Richard Coker Foundation Displays New Colours

OBTAIN LATEST EDITIONS OF SICKLE CELL NEWS ON FACEBOOK Getting set for the race - social distancing style Near the ...
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Coronavirus & SCD: Jobelyn Should Form Part Of Your Defence Strategy

Who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19? The immunosupressed. Who are the immunosuppressed? The elderly (70+), the young with underlying ...
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Celebrating An SCD Icon @ 50

Tionne Watkins speaks about her life and struggles with sickle cell anaemia Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins turns 50 years old today, ...
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Nora with Dr. Sarah Stuart-Smith

Coronavirus: 38-year-old SCD Warrior Lives To Tell Her Story!

Nora and the Award she received in Bournemouth WIN A BOOK, GET EDITIONS OF SICKLE CELL NEWS MAGAZINE JOIN SICKLE ...
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Nollywood Film maker Wale Fanu Celebrates 70th Birthday At Home

COVID-19 rubbishes plans for merrymaking ... WALE FANU It's April 21, 2020, and Nollywoood film maker Wale Fanu is 70 ...
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Gut Health and SCD

Research by Dibyendu Dutta, PhD and Seah H. Lim, MD, PhD indicate that reducing gut bacteria significantly improves the health ...
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Coronavirus: ACSCD 2020 Rescheduled To 2021

ACSCD 2019: Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in handshake with Dr. David Ajibade, Brain and Body Foundation, at the 1st ACSCD 2019 ...
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Coronavirus: the Julie Coker Show

If you were an adolescent in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s, you probably know or have heard of Julie ...
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Isaiah Muleme's Seamless Bone Marrow Transplant Sarah Namugwanya of Kampala, Uganda, took her son, Isaiah Muleme for consultation in India ...
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