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Nkeiru took her first capsule of Jobelyn early February 2023. She promptly noticed within a few days that she could sit for more time without pain. A few more days, she timed herself and noticed she could sit up five hours painlessly!!!!!

– Nkeirukanma

Surviving a chronic health condition is one thing; having a good quality of life is another matter entirely.

Sickle Cell Warrior Nkeirukanma Umeakuekwe marked her 50th birthday last December 2022. A single mom with a 28-year-old son, SCD prevented her from pursue her dream of becoming a professional actuary.

Despite being a Masters degree holder in Statistics, and an MBA in Information Technology, Nkeiru worked various odd jobs including baby-sitting, teaching assistant-ship, stenographer, petty trader and master of ceremonies at festive occasions.

Not all employers are mean but there is a limit to corporate endurance. Nkeiru’s only lucrative employment was 18 years ago at a first generation Nigerian bank. Tolerantly, her direct boss looked the other way whenever she was ill and could not report at the office (sometimes for months at a stretch). There were also countless days of reporting at work but closing early to ‘repair home to rest’.

When she needed to go to India to undergo bilateral hip joint replacement surgery in 2004, the bank assisted with 55% of the cost. She also continued to draw her full monthly salary.

Shortly after her return to Nigeria, the bank gave her a handsome severance package, which she did not want, because she knew the implications. But the bank had been very good to her, so she declined the advice to sue proffered by a friend.

Back home to recuperate – she had this constant refrain in her head of being a perpetual convalescent – the money quickly dwindled until she was penniless.

Severe Back Problems

Since 2013, Nkeiru has had unrelenting pains in her spine. The orthopedists and neurologists she consulted diagnosed spondylosis. They told her surgery was inevitable. Medications and physiotherapy recommended to stave off the evil day did not provide much relief.

‘I bought and administered every supplement touted to improve my health,’ Nkeiru told Sickle Cell News in an unscheduled interview March 2023.

‘Over the years I must have spent more than one million naira – money earned from the bank and a plethora of odd jobs – buying this supplement and saving up for that one, hopeful that one of them would be the Holy Grail for my failing health.

‘Despite spending so much, there was no real improvement in my health. I began to resign to a life of reclusive ill-health.’

For two years non-stop Nkeiru took tramadol – risking addiction – to cope with the horrible back pains. The Exchange Blood Transfusion the doctors recommended – which she undertook for three years –  scarcely helped.

Nkeiru, ‘Madam Lying Down’

Imagine that throughout a waking day you could not sit or stand for more than 10 minutes. That was the life that Nkeiru lived for the past 9 years. Because of this sensitivity to standing or sitting without pain, there was little she could do for herself independently. Holding down a job was a dream of ages past.

Thus she had to lie down most of the time to the extent that, to squeeze a little fun out of an odyssey, the family nicknamed her MADAM LYING DOWN!!!

Jobelyn Administration

Nkeiru took her first capsule of Jobelyn early February 2023. She promptly noticed within a few days that she could sit for more time without pain. A few more days, she timed herself and noticed she could sit up five hours painlessly.

‘The swift, visible improvement in my spine issue is nothing short of a miracle!’ Nkeiru says.

Nkeiru now tells every SCD warrior in her circles about the miracle dietary supplement long known in Western Nigeria as a potential ‘cure-all’. She has also recommended it to relations, some of them with arthritis. The feedbacks she received from them have been ‘very very encouraging’.

Once or twice she broached the subject of Jobelyn to some of her friends in the medical professions. Not surprisingly, skepticism is high, some remarking that anecdotal reports are nowhere of value in science. In so far as they had not been taught in their orthodox curricula that an alternative approach to anything can be of much value, so shall it always be!

Universities and research institutions around the world have clinically tested and confirmed that the dietary supplement known as Jobelyn is indeed effective.

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