Meet SAMI CEO Toyin Adesola

Meet Toyin Adesola, radio presenter, author, baker, economist, blogger, motivational speaker, philanthropist, tireless SCD activist and daughter of former Unilag VC, Prof Akin Adesola

She was born at a time when SCD diagnosis was not a straight-forward thing as it is today. It took one out of a pack of medical doctors to figure out the cause of her health issues.

In this interview with Dr. Ope Emoruwa, Ms Adesola recalls being bedridden for months, missing out on her education, of surgeries and leg ulcers, and the stubborn determination which took her back to university to earn her degree long after her mates had graduated.

She also speaks of her SCD advocacy (Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative SAMI), issuing a warning to the unwary – ‘you are unlikely to survive if you are ignorant, poor and sick!’

Ms Toyin Adesola (in the middle). On the right is her only sister, Mrs Ogunbekun

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