Of Triumph – crises and courage monologues

Dr La’Veda Wallace Page in OF TRIUMPH, A MEMOIR, speaks of hope and frustration and surgeries and blood clots and ….. living with sickle cell anaemia

By Dr. La’Veda Wallace

Of Triump – a memoir

I tell God I need 30 more years. To see (my son) fall in love and marry and have babies and stand so squarely as a human being that when I do go he will smile and say ‘I wish you could have known my momma..’

My son was my cure not of the disease but of the despair,…. he came just in the nick of time to renew my will to live. When he was about 4 months old I stole away while he was sleeping to freshen up

I showered and washed my hair but by the time I made it back to the bed I was in full crisis. And I looked at the bottle of 75 hydrocodone pills and wished I could just take them all and not have to live like this. I mean all I did was shower and this unbelievable unfair, mind-bending pain possessed me, controlled me. And it wasn’t this crisis it was this one too; it was crisis again. But a “No” rose out of my spirit, “I have a baby to raise.” I owe it to him to live, he lived for me.


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