My Son Has Had No Crises For NINE Years

Hello, my name is Tamika Moseley, project manager for Healing Blends Global. I am a herbalist, published author, global speaker and sickle cell advocate.  I have a son with sickle cell type SS and he suffered multiple crisis and blood transfusions at the age of one.  Aiden was hospitalized every 2-3 months with splenic sequestration and general pain crisis. This was a very difficult time for the family.

At a time, the doctors recommended monthly transfusions as his condition began to worsen: his body had stopped producing new red blood cells. His haemoglobin count was consistently low.

Worried Mum Goes on Research …

After the last blood transfusion in 2009, I started doing extensive research on proper nutrition as well as supplementation with herbs, vitamins and minerals that will help the body naturally produce red blood cells.  I changed our diet and eliminated majority processed foods from our diet and relied heavily on plant based foods. My son also started taking an all natural supplement called Even Flo, an amazing supplement made from herbs, enzymes and minerals.  Even Flo was designed specifically for sickle cell patients and it keeps the body naturally producing red blood cells, it also increases oxygen and raises haemoglobin.  Today, my son has not had a crisis in 9 years; he is very active, plays sports, travels, and he has a super energetic, productive life!

Even Flo just went through a double blind study in Kisumu Kenya with sickle cell patients, the study was completed in September 2018 and we are awaiting the results. Healing Blends Global is excited to share the results with the world and more importantly, we look forward to saving millions of lives.

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