Last Moments Of Asiata Adukę Onikoyi-Laguda

The Great Warrior with her daughter, Mosun Adeniji


  • She re-dedicated her life to Jesus Christ two weeks before she died. Her daughter, Mosun reveals why the nonagenarian asked to be buried the Muslim way.
  • Had multiple organ failure
  • Had a mild stroke
  • Last statement was, ‘Mosun, I want to sleep.’

Mrs. Mosun Adeniji: ‘Mom was a rare breed.’

My mom was a rare breed. On Sunday 23rd February I visited her, as I usually did twice a week. Her legs were slightly swollen so I called in the doctor to come and see her. The doctor said her organs are failing gradually but that she would be ok. I called on her again, Tuesday 25th. She was very bright and very cheerful. I was happy that she picked up again. I was meant to see her on Friday again, but work and traffic didn’t permit.

Around 1.40 am on February 29th, my nephew staying with her sent a message that mom was throwing up and not sleeping. I didn’t get the message. When he didn’t hear from me, he called me around 7am. I quickly got dressed and rushed to Ilasamaja, where she resides.

She wasn’t looking good. It wasn’t the cheerful old girl I saw on Tuesday. I think she had a mild stroke as her speech was not too clear and her right side of her face was a bit droopy. I called the doctor and told him of my observation. He advised that we should give her aspirin. He said her system was shutting down fast.


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