ANNE WELSH: Living with pain, finding joy

Anne Welsh during a press briefing in march 2019

Anne Welsh is an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. A well-known British Sickle Cell Advocate, she was born in Nigeria and emigrated to the United Kingdom when she was very young. She was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at the age of four, and, after returning to live in her homeland while still a child, faced many of the problems that come with living with a life-threatening disease in a developing country.

Since returning to the UK in her late teens, Anne has created her own path to success and fulfillment. After completing a degree in Accounting and Finance, Anne went on to earn an MA in International Banking before launching a career in investment banking. She now runs her own consultancy firm, specialising in business development in Africa and beyond.


Anne is a tireless advocate for sickle cell disease. She was former chairperson of the UK Sickle Cell Society and founder and president of Arise Consult. Before founding Arise Consult, her roles included Vice President at New World Capital and Senior Vice-Associate of Corporate Communications at Lehman Brothers and Neuberger Berman.

Anne is married with two children – something she once thought may never be possible – and two stepchildren. She lives in London.

Welsh with friends at pre-launch briefing


Anne’s memoir, Pain-Less, Living with Pain, Finding Joy was borne of her determination to raise awareness about the impact invisible diseases such as sickle cell can have on individuals, and also to give support and advice to other sufferers and their families. Having frequently battled with depression, Anne is all too aware of the difficulties faced by sufferers of life-threatening illnesses. By writing this book, she hopes to help others improve their mental and physical wellbeing and enable them to achieve a joyful and fulfilling life.

‘I want the world to understand the myriad struggles people with sickle cell are confronting on a daily basis,’ Anne writes on her website.

PAINLESS is published by Silverwood Books and is available from reputable bookshops and online retailers.

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