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Discover the Power of Sorghum in Diabetes Management

Are you or someone you love navigating the challenges of diabetes? We’ve embarked on an exciting journey exploring how sorghum, a nutrient-rich grain, could revolutionize diabetes care – and we’re inviting you to be a part of this groundbreaking research!

Why Sorghum?

Sorghum is more than just a staple grain; it’s a beacon of hope for those seeking natural ways to manage diabetes. Our latest study, “The Sorghum Synergy,” reveals its potential to not only stabilize blood sugar levels but also enhance overall health. Here’s what makes sorghum a game-changer:

– High in antioxidants

– Rich in dietary fiber

– Low glycemic index

Join Our Mission

We’re on the lookout for volunteers who are eager to explore the benefits of sorghum as part of their diabetes management plan. By participating, you’ll gain firsthand experience and contribute to research that could change lives.

Be Part of the Change

Your involvement could help unveil new dietary strategies for diabetes care, offering hope and new solutions to many.

Spread the Word

Help us reach more people by sharing this post with friends, family, or anyone who might benefit from this research. Together, we can turn a new leaf in diabetes management!

For more details about this clinical study click [ here ]

Details about the protocol is available [ here ]

If you consider that you are qualified to participate in this clinical studies:

Please go to the Google Questionnaire [ here ] to complete the screening form.

Eligibility Criteria and Study Procedures

Age and Gender: Adult males and females aged 20 years and above.

Residency: Must be residents of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Health Condition: Latest diagnostic report showing an HbA1c reading greater than 5.5.

Self-Monitoring Capability: Ability to measure fasting blood sugar (FBS) levels twice daily and forward these results on a weekly basis.

Consent: A signed consent form is required for participation, detailing the study’s purpose, procedures, potential risks, and benefits.

Monthly Reporting: Provision of an HbA1c report on a monthly basis.

Completion Commitment: Willingness to sign a compiled report at the study’s conclusion.

Combination with Current Drug Regimen: Participants will initially continue their current drug regimen in combination with the Jobelyn supplement. The study team will closely monitor participants’ health indicators and will determine when it may be safe and beneficial to reduce or skip their current medications in favor of relying solely on Jobelyn for diabetes management.

Monitoring and Adjustment: Regular monitoring will be essential during this transition phase. The study team will provide guidelines on when and how adjustments to medication can be made, based on individual health progress and in consultation with participants’ healthcare providers.

Safety Measures: Participants will be closely monitored for any adverse reactions or significant changes in their health status. Adjustments to the study protocol may be made to ensure participant safety.

Our Obligations

Supplement Provision: The Sorghum bicolor supplement, Jobelyn, will be provided free of
charge for the duration of the study.

Medical Support: Participants will have access to informed medical support to address any questions or concerns related to the supplement and its integration with their current treatment regimen.

This guideline ensures that the study accommodates participants’ existing treatment plans while exploring the potential of Jobelyn as a standalone treatment for Type-2 diabetes. It emphasizes safety and individualized care, acknowledging that adjustments to diabetes management should be made cautiously and under medical supervision.


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