Editor Ayoola Olajide, 60, attended Ogbomoso Grammar School, Ogbomoso, Kwara State College of Technology, Ilorin and the University of Ibadan. He holds the Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Sociology and Psychology respectively (1984 & 1987).

Olajide at Richard Coker Foundation’s secondary schools concert 2019

Sickle Cell has long been Olajide’s no 1 subject of interest. His MSc thesis reads, Anxiety and Depression in Sickle Cell Anaemia. He abandoned his doctoral studies (Clinical Psychology, 1991) at the University of Ibadan to work as a journalist. Afterwards he became a teacher, commercial motorcycle (‘okada‘) rider and commercial bus driver in Lagos.

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Under the name of Ola Tamedu, he wrote the autobiography, Menace In My Blood – my affliction with sickle cell anaemia. The book has been translated into Spanish.

Olajide is now a full-time sickle cell activist, meeting with healthcare professionals, teachers, clerics and their congregations. He is currently President, Ikorodu Sickle Cell Club and former Publicity Secretary, Sickle Cell Club, Lagos/Sickle Cell Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.

Olajide’s hobbies are playing table tennis, reading and writing.

His music interests include Odolaye Aremu, Salawa Abeni, Ogundare Foyanmu, Joni Mitchell, Al Stewart and Jamaican reggae.