Guest Editor

We are indebted to the distinguished personalities below for honouring our invitation to act as Guest Editors

Modupe Olokun
Modupe Olokun

‘My parents got to know of my special health condition when I was about two years old. In the 1960s, there was limited knowledge about sickle cell anaemia. Being university lecturers, my parents sought for help from far and wide.’ – Modupe Olokun, Indiana, USA

‘My first encounter with the word ‘sickle cell’ was in a Biology class in secondary school (1969).’ – Professor Olabunmi Lajide, retired Professor of Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Chemistry

Beatrice Olumhense

‘Beyond the impact of SCD on Warriors, there is little discussion on the tremendous economic and financial toll on families with sickle cell offspring…. I discovered sickle cell required lots of deliberate self-care.’ – Beatrice Olumhense, marketing leader and CEO, PatrickRow Maison, Lagos, Nigeria

Nkechi Eke

‘I lived with the guilt of bringing a child into this world with a disorder that is 100% preventable!’ – Nkechi Eke, retired nurse, Texas, USA

Islammiyah Saudique-Kadejo

‘SCD is a health condition we all need to take seriously. Everyone must know their genotype – and its implications. – Islammiyah Saudique-Kadejo, Founder, Amdalah Africa Foundation (AMDAF).

‘Narrow Escape: My Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) Mimicked Sickle Cell Anaemia!’ – Atiba Dickson, retired Deputy Director, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Nigeria

‘I kept overlooking my carrier status …. until my child was born with SCD!’ – Georgiene’ Glass, Founder/Executive Director, DreamSickle Kids Foundation, Nevada, USA

‘The general opinion was that I was affected with rheumatism, not sickle cell anaemia.’ – Bolaniran Deji-Adeyale, author, I AM A LIVING TESTIMONY

‘As a child, I did not understand my illness as my culture has four different names for the disease. Sickle Cell holds many chapters of my life …’ – Nilda Navedo, Charlotte, NC, USA

‘I am hopeful this this disease will be vanquished soon …’ Prof Mofolorunsho Adekunle Enigbokan, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Houston, Texas

‘My interest in SCD was sparked seeing women go through conditions that could have been prevented …’ Dr. Tonye Wokoma, Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health & Community Gynecology

‘It was such a traumatic experience to live with, care for and witness crises periods of my elder brother.’ – Dr. Nnena Felicia Agubata, President, Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN), Lagos Branch.

‘As a Pastor, I have been involved with both the spiritual and emotional dimension of sickle cell management. Folks with sickle cell deserve our love, care and very special attention.’ – Pastor Ituah Olajide Ighodalo, Senior Pastor, Trinity House, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

‘My focus is more research and funding for SCD and the imperative of SCT awareness.’ Beverley Francis-Gibson, former President/CEO, Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA, Inc.)

‘My wife and I have put our passion and energy into ending the ravages of sickle cell disease by championing a campaign to find a cure for sickle cell, The Ryan Clark’s Cure League.’ Steve Ryan Clarke, National Footbal League player, Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club, Pittsburgh, USA

‘Many may have heard of sickle cell, but very few know what it really entails to live with it.Sickle Cell awareness should proceed from primary school.’ – Juliet Lami Usoro, Principal Partner in the Law Firm of Umaru-Usoro Co., Jos, Nigeria and Coordinator, Value For Life Initiative, a Sickle Cell Support Group.

‘We need lots of awareness campaigns to educate our youths about making informed marital choices. Families raising members with Sickle Cell Disorder also need ongoing counseling … ‘ Taiwo Mopelola Adisa, District Chairman, Inner Wheel International District 911, Nigeria.

‘Prior to being elected Member of Parliament, I promised that I would do whatever I could to help those living with Sickle Cell.’ – Dr. Kirsty Duncan, former Member of Parliament, Canada

‘We need to establish a fund that caters to the needs of individuals with SCD, care-givers and experts working on management and cure.’ – Dr. Tunji Olugbodi, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, Verdant Zeal, Lagos, Nigeria.

‘If everyone could set aside 1% of their budget to advance a sickle cell cause, a lot can be achieved.’ – Dr. Michael Neba, Co-Founder, Fr. John Kolkman Sickle Cell Foundation, Cameroun

‘I was filled with such gene-phoba that I started the catechism of genotype verification before marriage.’ – Dr. Modele Joyce Osunkiyesi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Lagos State, Nigeria

‘There is no time I admit a sickle cell patient and not feel pained by their condition when in crises.’ – Dr. Kolawole Owoka, MD/CEO, United Healthcare International Ltd and Chairman, Health and Managed Care Association of Nigeria (HMCAN)

‘Sickle Cell Disorders are completely avoidable through counselling and advocacy.’ Pharm Olumide Akintayo FPSN, former President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN).

‘I came to an understanding of the word ‘Sickle Cell’ when I was 13 years old.’ Adebola Benjamin, Sickle Cell Support, Abuja, Nigeria.

‘My journey with SCD began at the age of 11.’ – Hon. Justice Gentu Timi, High Court Judge in the Delta State Judiciary, Nigeria

‘We must come together and advocate for this disease if we are going to stamp out the stigma and galvanize interest in Sickle Cell Anaemia.’ – Pamela Lonzer, Chicago, IL, USA

‘I lived with Sickle Cell Anaemia for 26 years until 2008 when I had a Bone Marrow Transplant. The Transplant was 98% successful … ‘ Habibah Haruna Sanusi, Co-Founder, Samira Sanusi Sickle Cell Foundation

‘All people, and in particular people of African descent, should work collectively to increase public awareness and support of the worldwide movement to advance the scientific research and remedies for Sickle Cell.’ Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President, National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), Washington DC, USA.

‘As a carrier of the sickle cell trait (AS), I found out about the implication of SCD in my early childhood and understood that if I married someone with the trait or the disease, I have a high chance of having offspring who will either be carriers or sufferers.’ – Dr. Funmi Adewara, Founder/CEO, Mobihealth, UK

‘My late wife’s journey with SCD spurred me into advocacy … I hope to witness a universal and affordable cure for sickle cell.’ – Howard Woolley, New York, USA

‘I verified my genotype before marriage because, after having a sister with sickle cell anaemia, I just needed to know!’ Nike Aremu, Co-Founder, Femi Pinto Sickle Cell Fund, Georgia, USA

‘Serving the needs of people with SCD is not only a mission but a passion …’ Teresa S. McCurry. CEO. MCS Fund, USA

‘I have lived most of my life in Ireland blazing a trail for sickle cell awareness in Europe.’ – Esther Pepple Onolememen, Founder, Sickle Cell Society, Ireland (SCSI).

‘My sister with sickle cell anaemia is responsible for the National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness project for the Top Ladies of Distinction Inc., USA.’ – Tony Reed, Co-Founder/Executive Director, National Black Marathoners Association, USA

‘During routine early prenatal checks, I learnt that the miracle growing inside of me was going to have the sickle cell disorder SS.’ – Stella Peter-Inyang, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria