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CONTROVERSY: Anambra State of Nigeria promulgates Law to stem the hemorrhage of SCD births. A huge debate for and against ensues from around the global sickle cell community BAHRAIN: At one time, the authorities in Bahrain also considered placing a ban on carrier unions, according to Zakareya Alkhedem, President, Bahrain Sickle Cell Association. Despite allowing citizens to exercise their rights in the choice of a partner, the country is close to eradicating sickle cell! NIGERIA: immoral, un-comprehensive genetic counseling – Lessons from Bahrain INCREDIBLE: A couple, looking for a non-affected child, ends up having 10 children, all with sickle cell anaemia! UK: I wouldn’t want to have to tell my child, ‘Sorry, I thought you won’t mind grappling with sickle cell - I WAS IN LOVE!’ IMPOSSIBLE: SS couple sires 13 children, similarly with SS! WSCD: World celebrates 10th anniversary of Sickle Cell Day AUSTRALIA: Melbourne witnesses birth of country’s first dedicated SCD awareness organization


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