Sickle Cell News Wk/Sickle Cell News Is Currently Recruiting Hundreds of Online Staff!

Are you passionate about SCD awareness, or are you simply a Sickle Cell Warrior? Can you reach out to just one person with SCD? Or can you reach out to 100? A thousand?

Sickle Cell News is targeted at:

  • The global SCD community: to learn more about the condition (3 to 5 million in Nigeria alone!)
  • The teeming millions with Sickle Cell Trait (SCT): to inform and caution about the implications of the carrier state (some 50 to 60 million in Nigeria alone and countless more around the world)
  • The general population: to educate about SCD and erode stereotyping, stigmatization and discrimination and promote understanding and care

Do look at these websites before you proceed:



You can profit from your passion if you are –

  1. A Sickle Cell Warrior/Advocate or Caregiver
  2.  A Holder of WASSCE/SSSCE and above
  3.  Fairly Active on social media
  4.  At least 18 years old

All you need do is introduce the websites mentioned above to 1, 2, 100 or more persons you know who fit the target categories. Even if just one person successfully registers through you, you will earn a commission!


To come on board the Sickle Cell News train, here are the steps you need to take –

  1. Register at (payment required). Forward your evidence of payment as instructed.
  2. Register at (payment required). Forward your evidence of payment as instructed.
  3. Register at (this is free: no payment required – here you will obtain a free unique webpage/URL to facilitate your promotions across the social media).
Create your webpage for free!


  1. You earn 25% commission per individual who registers through you at
  2. Similarly, you earn 25% commission per individual who registers through you at (that’s 50% if someone registers through you at both websites!)

If this sounds good, go ahead and start. You can do all this from the comfort of your home or while in transit! It’s time you started making money from your passion, sitting down! The more you get to register, the merrier. Never ever scorn at small beginnings.

Let’s do a bit of mathematics:

Suppose (on you were able to register just 50 persons, you earn N26250!

If you were able to do the same on, you earn N18125!

So, with your application fee of just N3550 (for both websites), you stand to earn N44375. And nothing stops you from having many more than 50 registrants! You may, however, concentrate on just one site and pay only the requisite fees for that site alone.

Reach out to Sickle Cell Warriors, their family members, friends, colleagues and medical caregivers. Meet them online and offline at places of worship, schools, hospitals, buses, public functions, etc.

If you have any questions, pls send an email to: Or call 09078496237.

Deadline For First Recruitment Tranche: 28th November 2020