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They Poked My Eight-Week Old Baby 16 Times to Find A Vein!

August 23, 2018 Kennedys Village Oh Heavy Day! They Poked My Baby 16 Times to Find A Vein Monday August ...
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I Felt Trapped Till A Vegetarian Diet Restored My Health

How A Strict Vegetarian Diet Restored My Health! SCD Warrior Lea Kilenga I was dependent on morphine, tramadol, pethidine and ...
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Interview With Lakiea Bailey – I am not willing to pass on this disease to the next generation

Lakiea J Bailey, 39, Executive Director, Sickle Cell Community Consortium, holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology ...
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Fraud: Pastor With 5 Sickle Cell Kids Sentenced To Two Years In Prison

Pastor With 5 Sickle Cell Children Found Guilty Of Fraud By Abro Onyekwe ..... Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison ...
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Sickle Cell Nearly Undermined Our Faith in God!

Ignorance, Medical Mis-Advice and Fate Lead Pious Family Down The Sickle Cell Road US Evangelist Narseary Williams Harris and her ...
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Rape and Genotype Discovery

At the tender age of six, Gertrude Awuku was forcibly raped by a 22 year old neighbor she had grown ...
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A Pastor’s Ordeal of Raising Five Children With Sickle Cell

A Pastor's Ordeal Of Raising 5 Children With Sickle Cell Anaemia When Pastor Abel Olukayode Adewale, 51, delivers a sermon ...
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