Sickle Cell News:April-June 2019 Edition


PICA – SCD survivors make a clean breast of what nonsense they ingested as kids

VICTORY OVER LEG ULCERS  ….. after 35 years!

Banke Alawaye: SCD Advocate Helping Lagos to Code

GENE THERAPY: Jennelle Stephenson, 28, cured of SCD by Gene Therapy using defanged HIV virus

Adewale Fanu

Doctors once said Nollywoodfilmmaker Adewale Fanu will not live to see his 21st birthday. Now 69, Fanu expresses his fears about turning 70

DISABILITY: Why we want SCD legally recognized as a Disability – Tayo Faloye, Founder/CEO, DISCON – what are the benefits of such recognition?

PSYCHOLOGY: When one is ill, all are ill – veteran journalist Gloria Ogundipe writes about the impact of one health-challenged family member on the entire family

NIGERIA: Church dedicates apheresis machine in Lagos.

Yusuph Gesase

LEADERSHIP: Yusuph Gesase, 21-year-old Tanzanian wins Future of Africa Leadership Awards

S. B. Moraes

ZAMBIA: Her parents wouldn’t let her out of sight, so she studied at a local school, now a doctoral candidate. Interview with Sandhya Bernadette Moraes

Ade Adebisi

RUGBY: how you can help Ade Adebisi, only known rugby player with sickle cell anaemia, clinch UK’s Diversity Awards

PHYTO-THERAPY: The unique well-researched African plant that helps with SCD, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and arthritis

June 12 – WORLD SCD DAY: African Sickle Cell News Foundation Plans To Send copies of Sickle Cell News to primary and secondary schools in Nigeria … WITH YOUR HELP!


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