Dr. Babafemi Adedoye (1956-2018)

The doctor who brought Sama Honey To Nigeria passed away Dec 28 2018

Dr. Femi Adedoye lived with sickle cell anaemia

Many would remember him as the medical doctor who brought SAMA HONEY to Nigeria. Unfortunately, Sama Honey has disappeared from the shelves, a source of disappointment to those who relied on it for managing SCD.

Dr. David Babafemi Adedoye hailed from Ijara-Isin, Kwara State, Nigeria and studied medicine at the University of Ilorin. He was one of the best graduating students, a feat he achieved despite the gripping challenges of sickle cell anaemia.

‘Medical studies used up every reserve of physical, mental and psychological energy I had,’ he wrote in the booklet, Honey, which he published in 2012. To withstand the rigours of residency, the young doctor regularly injected himself with strong painkillers.

Years later, he established the Liberty Hospital, Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria, where he settled with his family.

A chance encounter by his brother, Abiodun Adedoye, in Dubai, UAE, with the producers of a fortified supplement for sickle cell (Sama Honey) and its subjection to rigorous scrutiny by Nigeria’s regulatory authorities led Dr. Adedoye to invest millions of naira importing the supplement to Nigeria.

An autopsy report is yet to be made available, but the doctor had complained of unrelenting tiredness for some years.

Dr. Adedoye’s elder brother, also with sickle cell anaemia, passed away in 2015, aged 59.

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