January-March 2019 Edition of SICKLE CELL NEWS


January-March 2019 Edition

Mobihealth (UK) is set to revolutionize healthcare delivery for SCD and other health conditions in Africa

‘But you don’t look sick!’
Looking OK is worlds apart from Feeling Ok – why people with SCD need better understanding and acceptance, by Lady Anne Welsh, former Chairperson, Sickle Cell Society, UK

Guest Editor Frances Beverley-Gibson, SCDAA CEO/President reiterates commitment to galvanise funding and research for SCD cure as well as for sickle cell trait awareness

How doctors, nurses and other medical personnel put down people with SCD by their comments – pushed to the extreme, patient hits attending nurse!

My genotype is both SS and AA – says Bisade Karunwi, after a successful bone marrow transplant

Help & Advice
Is this SCD or something else – Or SCD and something else – I get to the bus stop to take a bus and forget my destination; I leave visitors in the sitting room and clean forget about them; in midsentence, I forget what I was saying …

Book Feature
Of Triumph, the powerful memoir by Dr. Laveda Wallace Page (of the crisisandcourage fame) is available for free download. The memoir will shock and inspire every reader.

Own Tribute
‘Having Sickle Cell made me intelligent,’ Area Mama Fashionista, Lawyer, Broadcaster and Actress Oluwatosin Abisona Bucknor-Boyer

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