Nigeria 2019: Presidential Candidate Hooks Up With SCD Group on Whatsapp

One of Nigeria’s most active SCD whatsapp platforms, the Pearl Sickle Cell Foundation, is having a presidential candidate for the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria, Linguistics Prof. (Mrs.) Funmilayo Adesanya- Davies, on the hot seat this weekend. Prof Adesanya-Davies is seeking to occupy Nigeria’s #1 political office come 2019 on the ticket of the Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA).

A mother of three with the HbSC – variant of SCD, Prof Adesanya, 56 is a trailblazer and a role model for the millions with SCD in Nigeria.

‘By the grace of God, life can be lived to the fullest regardless of the limitations that may be imposed by genotype’ she said. Incidentally, the linguistics and mass communications guru is a Penticostal Bishop of Nigeria for the International Prophetic Ministerial Association (IPMA) Inc. Worldwide College of Bishops & Ministers Network.

Prof. Adesanya-Davies is a winner of several national and international awards including the 2018 National Association  of Nigerian Students (NANS) Award of Outstanding Leadership, for which she received NANS’ endorsement for the 2019 presidential election. The Niger Delta Student Union Government (NDSUG) has also endorsed her as favorite presidential office hopeful.

Prof Adesanya-Davies will be speaking on the theme,  ‘Life Beyond Genes’, and sharing how she manages to stay at the top of her academic and political career despite living with the SC- type sickle cell genotype.

Professor (Bishop) Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies with Mrs. Sarah Jubril

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