Despite having sickle cell anaemia, for Kevin, it’s Fighter Pilot Or Nothing!

Despite living with sickle cell anaemia, Kevin is adamant about being a fighter pilot



Kevin was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia at birth. Sickle-cell patients are discouraged from going to higher altitudes because low-oxygen conditions aggravate the disease.

But Kevin ‘is very adamant about being a fighter pilot,’ says his mother, Passion. ‘I explain that there are restrictions for people who have sickle-cell, but he has continued to amaze his doctors. As active as he is in P.E., wrestling and playing football, we ask him, don’t you get tired? He says no … he’s really a fighter.’

During his monthly visits to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, a caseworker told him that he was eligible for a wish. So it was only natural for him to choose a trip to Boeing’s Defense, Space & Security headquarters in St. Louis. While he was there he toured the facilities, got to try on a flight suit and helmet, operated a flight simulator and got to sit in a real fighter jet.

Passion wrote us recently to say, ‘It has taken me over a week to find the words that will share how much of an impact this has had on Kevin. Once we made it home he began looking into aviation colleges immediately. This meant so much to him and I’m absolutely positive that he will never forget it. We can’t thank you all enough for making a huge difference in Kevin’s life with this once in a life time experience.’

Kevin is adamant about becoming a fighter pilot ‘