sickle cell and one american family

Ke’Aujanaa, Ke’Asia, and Ken’Aujune Shepherd-Friday.

Ke’Aujanna Shepperd-Friday (left) and Ke’Aujune Shepperd-Friday (right) are twins, the former with sickle cell anaemia, the latter with sickle cell trait. Their sister, Ke’Asia Shepperd-Friday (middle) writes of the family’s attempt to cope:


  • Sickle cell was too much for the father, so he abandoned his responsibilities


  • Ke’Aujanna was once in an induced coma for 7 days


  • She also had to receive regular blood transfusion


  • Twin sister Ke’Aujune is a match for bone marrow transplant


  • Now a GoFundMe fundraiser is on for a push towards a bone marrow transplant for Ke’Aujanna